Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Temptation Thy Name is Vegan Candy Bars

I love healthy green food as much as the next girl, but every once in a while something comes along so delicious and decadent that it tempts like no other.

I was never much of a candy bar junkie before I went vegan, but it wasn't so long ago that I remembered nibbling on the occasional Snickers candy bar. The fun-sized ones were the best part of any Halloween goodie bag. Because they contain milk chocolate, I haven't had one in years. Naturally, I assumed those days of caramel and peanutty goodness were behind me...until now. Oh, it's good to be a vegan.

Go Max Go has unleashed the temptation that are vegan candy bars. These dairy-free, transfats-free, little vegan pieces of heaven are designed to mimic (and they truly succeed) four classic candy bar flavors. The Jokerz taste like a Snickers bar, the Twilight taste like a Milky Way, the Mahalo bar has the coconut and almond of an Almond Joy (oh my god) and the Buccaneer bar is designed to taste like a Three Musketeers. They are all made of rice milk chocolate, so they are low-gluten, but several flavors contain malt powder.

I've been told you can find them at your nearest Whole Foods. I was lucky enough to score a few free ones from the New Orleans Veggie Fest that are currently residing in my freezer. Believe me, they are taking all the self control I have to not dig into them right now. I strongly recommend getting your hands on them as soon as possible.

It's just nice to know there are products out there to give the sweet tooth a little reward for having chosen a cruelty-free lifestyle.


  1. Chris and I are going to have to find these bars! I am not that into candy either but I have been known to crave a milky way from time to time. Yum!

  2. These are not sold in Gainesville where I live, nor are they available online (yet!). But I do have family that lives in Sarasota where they sell them at a Whole Foods. I already have a trip to SRQ in the works!

  3. I need to find these bars for immediate consumption!