Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Guess what I'm having for lunch?!
It's filling, tasty, and oh-so-quick!
Did I slave over the stove? ... Nope!
Did I pay someone to cook it for me? ... Nope!
You're getting warmer...

An Amy's Burrito!
This is a "Breakfast Burrito" and the package specifies "Non-dairy" (the sad dairy cows thank you for not supporting their torture!). Not all of Amy's foods are vegan, so be diligent to read the packaging.

(Darsy, the baby Holstein that was rescued from a dairy farm, thanks you!) 

In 3 minutes you can have a certified organic hot burrito packed with 270 calories, 38g carbs, 11g protein, some Calcium and Vitamin A. We buy about 20 burritos in a single trip to the grocery store and at 2 1/2 bucks a piece, you can't beat that!

I cooked and ate this burrito while I was typing this post - I am full and ready to jump back to farm work! Enjoy!

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