Who We Are

Molly has been a vegetarian for 10 years, but recently took the plunge into vegan-ism a few months ago. Raised in a microwave-dominated kitchen as a child, being vegetarian has been a learning experience. Molly is an avid horse back rider and trainer. She loves reading, painting, hiking, and now cooking! Molly is a MSc student at the University of Manitoba where she plans to study social behavior in ground squirrels. Balancing a graduate degree, a major horse hobby, and eating right is not always easy but seldom boring. Hope you enjoy her insights on how to live ethically in the great white north!  

Elizabeth Holli

Elizabeth Holli is a freelance writer living in New Orleans, Louisiana. Since going vegan in 2008, she has developed a passion for vegan-izing traditional meals as well as creating all new dishes. She is especially interested in healthful meals that pack more flavor than calories. Elizabeth feels that her work is not truly done unless she has dirtied up every pot and pan in the kitchen. Outside of cooking and baking, Elizabeth enjoys gardening, sewing, yoga, running, and spoiling her lovely mutt Dahli. She also cares for two small turtles, though they don't require or appreciate much spoiling.


Kathy Pennenga grew up in a 'meat & potatoes' family and followed this deeply ingrained tradition until 2007 when someone asked her "Why do you eat meat?" Having never questioned this herself, she set out to find an answer besides "It tastes so good!" After discovering the atrocities of factory farming and the health benefits of a vegan diet, Kathy has been eating animal-free ever since! She still loves hearty potato dishes but lacks the time and desire to cook, so you'll see lots of super simple meals like mac'n'yellowsauce, beans and rice, and baked goods. Kathy enjoys natural horsemanship, farm animal rescue, and photography.


Theresa  has always characterized herself as caring deeply about animals, but never gave a thought to vegetarianism. In 2008 when a vegan friend asked why she cared about some animals, but still ate meat, she realized that that was an excellent point. Since then, Theresa transitioned firstly to a vegetarian diet, and then to a vegan diet. She enjoys finding ways to eat ethically on a student's budget, and proving that you don't need meat to get enough protein to support active physical hobbies. Cooking was never her strong suit, but she's had to learn fast after leaping into the vegan lifestyle! Theresa just graduated with a BS in microbiology, and works in a diabetes research lab. She likes to spend her free time rock climbing, playing computer games, reading, studying martial arts, and playing with her several cats.