Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kathy's introduction post

Have you ever been flipping through your cook book looking for something simple and quick to make using the handful of ingredients you have in your cabinets? And then you find something in the cook book that suits your fancy, but you're missing one or two ingredients? And if you're like me, you're too "chicken" to substitute onions for leeks because you have no idea if it will ruin the whole dish? So you jump on the web and google "vegan potato soup" and still you don't know what to do? 
I find myself in this position all the time!

What I hope to do when I post a recipe is to suggest all sorts of alternative ingredients, just in case your fridge is on the empty side. 
I'll also post some of my favorite cook book recipes that require only a select few ingredients that last forever, so you can make the dish 5 times before you have to replenish your supplies!

Are you the type, like me, to buy some grapes as a snack, maybe some celery for a soup, with the intentions of eating them in the next few days? You open the fridge every day and your reminded that you should eat those or cook that and you siiigh and grab something microwaveable. Then finally they start to go bad and you kick yourself for never having the time or desire to eat well? That's me! 
But at least I have pigs to eat my wasted produce! 

You could also compost that old stuff instead of tossing it in the trash.
Here's a great link on composting, vegan-style. Did you know that Red Wriggler Worms are vegan!? They hate dairy, eggs, and meat (and it's bad for them).

Hopefully I will represent the "lazy/busy vegan" and can help you make nutritional meals in snap and in a squeeze. Reader beware, I eat dessert for dinner on a regular basis.


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